Help explorers to discover new, mysterious
sites and most spectacular tourist attractions!

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Highlight the must-see locations
with interaction!

A new and exciting route planning tool that will teleport participants to splendid places.

Add Virtual Experience

Tell your visitors fun facts about the destination by using the wide range of digital opportunities.

Increase Profits

Use prizes to guide visitors to revenue producing places and include special offers for the most active participants. Include partnership logos or sponsored tasks and special offers for rewards.


Enliven your route or a specific tourist attraction by gathering visitors and spreading information.

Reveal undiscovered spots

Questario is a smart way to help discover new sites and offers.


Promote Tourist Attractions

A new and modern way to promote urban sights and tourist gems. The treasure hunt game will make the sightseeing unique, educational and mysterious.

Win New Clients

Create a discount offer and collaborate with local businesses such as restaurants, shops and entertainment providers. Direct participants to partner locations and allow to collect points, which can then be converted into virtual money and used for the offer.

Attract to Desired Places

Make underrated attractions popular and develop local tourism, by offering an adventurous and exciting experience which includes the best bits of surroundings.

Create a route including places of interest

Create a route including
places of interest

Participants complete tasks, earn points and compete for prizes on an automated platform. The goal is to make the most out of the destinations and attract new customers.


Engage visitors in an exciting adventure

Engage visitors in
an exciting adventure

Develop the task and its conditions for each included place or object. Allow visitors to engage and share impressions with each other.

Manage and adjust
at any time

Manage and adjust at any time

Manage your created game, player information, involvement and achievements. Make the necessary corrections at any time and easily edit tasks.

Add a little

Add a little gamification

Congratulate players with a reward system – digital and physical prizes for best results in cooperation with sponsors and partners.

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