Make learning programs
more active and engaging!

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Educate and captivate with an explorative adventure quest!

Take your learning programs to the next level by combining theory with practical experience and teamwork.

Microlearning Benefits

Include educational multimedia materials to the game, making it useful and adding special value to it.

Connect People

Encourage socialization, cooperation skills and creative approach to group work.

Measure Progress

Monitor student activity, evaluate the effectiveness of the program and receive feedback.

Make learning as adventure

Questario is a convenient way to help explore and gain knowledge.



Introduce students to the best places and opportunities of the school. Provide a chance to meet new people and create a positive atmosphere in the school environment with gamification elements.

Lecture Courses

A unique opportunity to learn new skills in an exciting and engaging way. Create curricula in a modern way, using the benefits of technology and multimedia, as well as measuring student activity.


Make the range of school activities more colorful and diverse with a treasure hunt game. The spirit of the competition and the opportunity to receive prizes for good results will allow students to enjoy the learning process more and remember what they have learned better due to personal experience.

Connect the students
with a common goal

Connect the students
with a common goal

Participants complete tasks, earn points and compete for prizes on an automated platform. The goal is to be fully engaged in the learning processes and socialize.


Let the interactivity
be part of the course

Let the interactivity
be part of the course

Allow students to engage and share impressions with each other. For best results, combine team tasks with individual ones.


Manage and adjust
at any time

Manage and adjust
at any time

Motivate participants with a reward system – digital and physical prizes for best results.


Inspire and
encourage progress

Inspire and
encourage progress

Manage your created game, player information, involvement and achievements. Make the necessary corrections at any time and easily edit tasks.

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