Promote your business with an interactive
campaign or unite your team with a fun quest game!

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Engage Your clients or
employees with a fun challenge!

An exciting way to raise awareness of your company and its offers with an interactive game.

Liven Up
Corporate Events

Bring your team together to solve a fun challenge, be active and enjoy socializing.

The Company

Let your potential customers learn more about the company and what it can offer them.

Team Skills

Help employees improve collaboration skills even in remotely working teams

Revive the company

Questario is a modern way to engage and connect with people


Brand Recognition Campaigns

Offer customers an engaging activity, the theme of which revolves around the company, adding special deals as rewards and creating a buzz around your brand.

Team Building Activity

Create a fun treasure hunt game outside or inside the workspace that will help colleagues to get to know each other better and improve cooperation skills


Training Program

Improve traditional learning sessions by combining the acquisition of knowledge and new skills with a fun game, giving an opportunity to win rewards for good achievement.

Create a company game that engages

Create a company game that engages

Participants learn about the company, by completing tasks, earning points and competing for prizes on an automated platform.


Get people

Get people involved

Develop different tasks with various goals and their conditions. Allow the players to compete and share their experiences with each other.

Manage and adjust
at any time

Manage and adjust at any time

Manage your created game, player information, involvement and achievements. Make the necessary corrections at any time and easily edit tasks.

Add a little

Add a little gamification

Congratulate players with a reward system – digital and physical prizes for best results in cooperation with sponsors and partners.

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