May 25, 2020

Questario Ltd. (“Questario”) Privacy Policy (“Privacy”) governs that Questario collects and processes customer and user personal data and posted content by visiting, registering and using the Questario Platform and the options it offers.

Data Collected

Private person registration

In order to use the Questario Platform, the User needs to create his own profile, which can be done by registering. Upon registration, the User will be required to enter basic information about himself: name, surname and e-mail. After creating the profile, it is possible to add additional information – contact phone, picture, etc., to the User profile, if the User so wishes.

Legal person registration

To create a company profile, the User first needs to create a private profile before accessing the option to create a company challenge. Accordingly, when the User registers a business, you will be required to enter the following information – business name, address, county, city, street, street number, country code, Questario subdomain address, business registration number, contact phone and e-mail.

By creating a company profile on the Questario Platform, the user who registers the company becomes its “manager” and can send an invitation to other users to register for the company challenge. The Company Challenge “Manager” may grant administrative privileges to one or more (unlimited) users registered in the Company Challenge.

Challenge “manager” and “administrators” can add and split users into teams.

Published content and activity

Questario processes information about the content that is posted on a User’s Platform Profile and Challenge Calendar, as well as User-generated comments and “likes” on pictures posted by other Users.

The User’s participation and activity on the Questario Platform is recorded, i.e., challenges completed, challenge points collected, pictures posted, prizes won, comments and a “Like” to other Users.

Online analytics tools

Questario uses online analytics tools (such as Google analytic, FB Pixel) that collect and provide aggregate information about Questario Platform usage patterns as well as other anonymous information.

Visibility of data

Entered User Data as well as User Activity are visible to Questario company employers for the technical operation and content of the Platform.

The data provided in the User’s profile (name, profile picture) and the content in the profile (such as published challenge pictures, comments on pictures) are publicly available to all other Users of the Questario Platform and administrators.

If the User is registered for the Company Challenge, the profile information entered will also be visible and editable to the Company Challenge “manager” and its “administrators”. The “manager” and “administrators” of the challenge may edit existing information (other than e-mail) or add new information that is not publicly visible to the edited profile user or other Users, or delete the User.

Use of data

The data collected is primarily used to provide access to the Questario Platform including:

Data Storage

User data is processed and stored in databases on the Amazon Web Service server located in the European Union. All data will be processed and stored until such time as the User has deleted his / her profile or the Company in whose account the User’s profile is located has deleted it.

User Rights

The User has the right to:

Account Deletion

The User can delete the profile at any time. As soon as a User Account is deleted, the User’s personal data, such as name, surname, email, contact phone, profile picture, is also deleted. Contributed content as well as progress made within the Challenge is stored on the Questario Platform, but the User appears everywhere under the Deleted User label.

Reminders and e-mails

Not appearing on the Questario Platform for an extended period of time, the User will receive reminder e-mails about the Challenge in which the User has logged in and is participating. In particular, Questario may send news related to the Questario Challenges, as well as other useful information on well-being and healthy lifestyle topics. If the User does not want to receive reminders, they can be disabled.