Tet Riga Marathon

Preparing for the start of the marathon, bringing a balanced diet, healthy environment and physical activities to the daily lives…

Preparing for the start of the marathon, bringing a balanced diet, healthy environment and physical activities to the daily lives of the participants!

Challenge experts:

Anita Siliņa (Kažemāka)
Long distance runner, running coach, nutritionist.
Laura Valkovska
Healthy eating and lifestyle ambassador, onplate company representative.
Artūrs Bernovskis
Co-founder of Biohacking.lv, creator of a healthy and productive work environment.


Tet Riga Marathon is an annual marathon that has been taking place in Riga, Latvia, since 1991. It’s an important event in Europe’s sporting life because it’s the only gold marathon in Northern Europe. The Tet 30-day challenge was an opportunity to prepare for the Tet Riga Marathon with mind and joy. Advices on training, nutrition and the role of the environment were given for increasing the energy! There were also prizes, but the main prize was new and healthy habits that would give a lot of positive energy!


The participants faced physical challenges as well as challenges of a healthy diet, and socially responsible activities that make people think about the environment!

  • A total of 2930 participants registered for the challenge
  •  5120 total challenges completed and pictures published
  • User hashtag – #UseEnergyWisely – was used on Facebook for 111 times. 77 videos were uploaded


Many Positive Reviews

“The tasks were interesting – they made me think about our food habits and encouraged me to go to the forest and the sea. I also learned useful information about chemicals  in household chemistry. Maybe it was a contribution to my personal challenge of running the first half marathon. I look forward to the next challenge ahead of the 2020 Tet Riga Marathon.”

Vineta Poda, participant of the challenge

 “The challenge was interesting. I really liked it. The tasks kept me from relaxing, I had to take the time to do everything – window cleaning, early races and all the other things. Some kind of planning took place, proving that one can do a lot without looking for reservations or being lazy. Evaluating the whole month – what we have learned can bring good results – in sport, daily life and relationships. Thank you for this challenge!”

An anonymous participant of the challenge.

 “I really enjoyed the challenge, I liked how my active and healthy habits changed. Involving my husband, we managed to run with the sunrise, eat delicious and healthy food, etc.”

Dace Tomsone, participant of the challenge.

“The tasks were cool and I feel satisfied with what’s done.”

 Maris Thomsons, participant of the challenge.

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