Stirnu Buks Challenge

By livening up healthy, physical and socially responsible activities! Challenge experts: Andris RonimoissUltra marathonist in trail running. Laura ValkovskaHealthy eating…

By livening up healthy, physical and socially responsible activities!

Challenge experts:

Andris Ronimoiss
Ultra marathonist in trail running.
Laura Valkovska
Healthy eating and lifestyle ambassador, onplate company representative.
Artūrs Bernovskis
Co-founder of, creator of a healthy and productive work environment.


The Stirnu Buks challenge was designed to prepare its participants for the trail running season. Rimants, the leader of Stirnu Buks, invites: “Train and run on trails, enjoying the contrasts of nature and meeting the most beautiful landscapes of Latvia on the mountain tops and plains.”

Running the trails is exciting – it is both challenging and allows you to experience the beauty of nature. At the same time, it is a complex sport that includes various running surfaces and changing running conditions! Like in other sports, trail runners must take time for training and preparation so as not to cause unnecessary injuries and achieve better results!

The purpose of the challenge?

Prepare for the Stirnu Buks trail races.

 The benefits of the challenge?

New running and training techniques to be mastered, which would help to run the trail race more effectively. Improved physical preparedness and healthy habits, which are important for athletes.


During the 30-day Stirnu Buks challenge, participants encountered a variety of running techniques and exercises that would be useful to improve physical health and endurance, as well as would strengthen vulnerable areas that are most often injured while running. In addition to physical challenges, the participants also faced the challenges of a healthy diet, becoming a delicious, healthy recipe cook, as well as socially responsible activities that make you think about your environment!

  • Total challenges and photos published: 10 284
  •  634 – Active participants who performed at least one challenge
  • 1993 – All participants who registered for the challenge


356 Super Positive Reviews!

“Thank you very much for a great one idea and its implementation! You encourage society to live healthy and green. It came to my mind that if such challenges were organized in schools, then in the future, perhaps we would have a healthier new generation.”

Irina Belugina, participant of the challenge.

 “I really liked the project, there was no person I didn’t tell about it. It seems my whole circle of acquaintances knew that I am participating because I was really passionate. Thanks! It was super cool!”

Marta Saklaure, participant of the challenge.

 “I really enjoyed the challenge. It made me think about many things. I liked the recycling, sports and mental tasks. It feels like a huge amount of work has been done. Overall, there was a positive feeling and atmosphere. Thank you! Will definitely participate again.”

Egija Jevdokimova, participant of the challenge.

“The first time attending such an event, I was amazed at how much you can step out of your comfort zone. The tasks were great and made me tense to be creative in days when there was no opportunity to be in the place and at the time needed for the task! The team preparing tasks – a cookie for your creativity!”

 Anita, participant of the challenge.

“A cool initiative, I would definitely consider recommending to our work team for our own internal challenges.”

 Austris, participant of the challenge.

Reached Audience:

Audience Distribution:
Women 46% / 54% Men

Information Resources

Banner placement: – 11 day campaign (595 493 audience reached) – 8 day campaign (28 310 audience reached)

Press release layout:

Sports News Portal VSK Noskriet / Magazine EJ / Portal / LETA

55 posters in different parts of Riga


27 sponsors took part in the challenge, providing a total of 1955 prizes. Total number of the lucky winners of at least one prize : 400.

  • 27 sponsors
  • 1955 rewards
  •  400 prize winners

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