Jelgava City Fair Game

Discovering the city of Jelgava again by participating in an exciting City Fair adventure! Background Jelgava City Municipality Institution "Sports…

Discovering the city of Jelgava again by participating in an exciting City Fair adventure!


Jelgava City Municipality Institution “Sports Service Center” wanted to provide the residents of Jelgava with a gift – a fun adventure game – during the city fair month, which would also be an invitation to engage in outdoor physical activities, observing all restrictions set during the state emergency.

The purpose?

To create a fun, interactive and engaging game for anyone who lives in the city that would be easily accessible for everyone.

Thus, in honor of the Jelgava City Fair, an interactive sports challenge was to be created, which, using the opportunities provided by Jelgava, would allow both the local families and visitors to spend time more actively, and maybe even discover something new about the city. The participants of the game would have to perform sports activities in different places of Jelgava. By participating in a sports adventure, everyone would be able to compete for the best results, share impressions with other players and win prizes.

The city designed its game on Questario platform and added beautiful photos of Jelgava as well as the coat of arms of Jelgava. The game allowed anyone interested to apply for participation at a convenient time and to add creative pictures for completing the tasks. Questario wanted to help celebrate the City Fair for all residents together, on a single platform that would allow players to virtually share their achievements with each other and win surprise prizes.


The challenge of the Jelgava City Fair would be available electronically – to participate in it, people have to register on the platform by using their smartphones. The tasks would be published 3 times a week for one month: a total of 13 sports challenges would be offered to Jelgava residents. Participants could complete the tasks in two ways: by participating in virtual

competitions with other participants and collecting points for each completed task (that would require finishing the task in a specific time period), or simply by participating in sports activities and having a good time. 

For each completed task, the participant would earn points – the sooner the task is completed (it is recommended to complete it until the next task is published) and the more precisely the conditions are met, the more points the participant would get. Participants who complete all the challenges would receive a virtual diploma for participation – as a confirmation of their commitment – as well sports-related prizes.


During the challenge of the City Fair, various physical tasks were performed in different places of the city. Participants actively gave likes to pictures added by other players and shared their achievements on social networks. The result? Fun time celebrating the City Fair, by spending time actively.

Our aim was to encourage Jelgava residents to engage in physical activities, especially outdoors, using the city’s infrastructure. We saw that families, small companies of friends are engaging in the challenge, which is positive, because in this way they can motivate each other. From this point of view, the idea of a virtual challenge has definitely been justified.”

Juris Kaminskis, director of Jelgava Sports Service Center and the organizer of the challenge, believing that this is a good alternative for promoting sports activities.
  • Total challenges: 13
  •  287 registered participants
  • 33% men and 67% women
  • 798 photos added

One of the most creative tasks was to take a photo with the city flag. Some had used the montage to get the flag in the picture, others had been looking for ways to hold it themselves while performing an exercise. Creativity was also manifested in the place where participants chose to perform tasks – city parks, stadiums, streets had been conquered.

What did its participants think about the challenge of the Jelgava City Fair?

“I participate because of a different everyday life. It’s just interesting to see what has been created, and then include it in your routine activities. For me, the main thing is to participate in a great event!” – Uldis, participant of the Jelgava City Fair challenge.

“I usually play sports very actively but currently I don’t, as I became a new mother. So the challenge is a good motivation for me to find extra moments to engage in physical activities, combining pleasant with useful, as well as enjoying spring time. I like that the challenge promotes sports in the urban environment, and I hope that more and more people who want to play sports will dare to use this opportunity and will be able to feel that people are physically active.”  Cynthia, participant of the Jelgava City Fair challenge.

“It is a very good idea to involve Jelgava residents in sports activities, because in this way, while playing sports, showing my sports activities on the Internet, I hope that I will inspire others to do sports as well. Such a project promotes the spirit of competition and, most importantly, is available to anyone who wants to play sports with any level of sports training. In any case, I really like it, and I try to involve those I know.” Gunārs, participant of the Jelgava City Fair challenge

“It’s good that you can’t know the tasks in advance – when you find out, there is a desire to complete it as soon as possible to get more points. The tasks were interesting and unexpected. The challenge is a good opportunity that helps me stay in shape. I am an athlete myself and I recommend everyone to participate, move and switch from their daily routine – work or school. It helps a lot.” Renāte, participant of the Jelgava City Fair challenge.

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