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Take a look how a cruise company engaged its passengers to help them make the most out of the journey.…

Take a look how a cruise company engaged its passengers to help them make the most out of the journey.


  • Help passengers to discover all possibilties that are offered
  • Entertain the guests
  • Encourage revenue on the cruise premises, by offering discounts
  • Help passengers to discover all possibilties that are offered
  • Make every next journey different
  • Offer a virtual guide in the city


  • A digital treasure hunt game that welcomes the cruise guests and helps discover all the must-have places to visit while on board.
  • Players do different challenges that requires to be active and fully engage in the experiences.
  •  During the game guests collect points and see their score on the leaderboard.
  • After completing the game on the cruise’s board, a new level can be unlocked that offers a city hunt game with special prizes.


Games like a scavenger hunt are not uncommon on cruise ships, giving extra fun to its guests. However, old-fashioned games with a physical map no longer worked and there was a need for a more innovative solution that passengers could use without additional assistance. Using technology, there was a desire to create an interactive game that would both introduce the possibilities of the cruise and make its guests engage as well as generate income.


The intent: to offer the ship’s guests a game immediately after boarding, which would guide them through all the activities the cruise offers, with the addition of additional motivators – special offers and the opportunity to unlock a new level when reaching the destination.

This approach has been applied to: implement technologies;  replenish the cruise experience; engage guests on the spot; help get to know the ship and all amusements to make sure no one misses a thing;  add fun prizes leaving an excellent impression.

STEPS FOR THE CRUISE COMPANY. The cruise creates a personalized Questario account and designs a treasure hunt route, adding various stopping points where tasks should be completed as well as some visual materials such as videos about the cruise. The reward system is added with special deals and gift cards both on the cruise and in the destination city. A new levels of treasure hunt game are added on the same account that are developed and launched together with cruise partners, city tourist center and agencies (can be unlocked only after finishing the previous level, for example, the cruise game). Anyone who steps on the board can get access to the game and to all the benefits it provides.

THE PLANNED STEPS FOR THE GUESTS. Participants log into the game and start the challenges that are combined with a gamified tour around the ship. For example, guests check into their favourite cafe on the cruise, find a hidden QR code to scan or take a photo while attending the performance to collect points and badges. Later they can turn them into different discounts when the cruise stops at the city.


Positive Feedbacks

Approximately 43 percent of the cruise’s passengers tried out the game out of which, according to feedback questions implemented in the game, 89  percent enjoyed the treasure hunt. Most of the players said that it was easy to use, the special offers were appealing and helped to get the most out of the trip as a whole. Majority of the guests admitted they would come back to travel again to unlock new levels of the game that would explore new sites of the city and earn more loyalty points.

Rise in Sales

Thanks to special offers, guests made more use of the ship’s shops, eateries and bars, as well as made more frequent visits to cruise partners upon arrival at the destination to exchange points for rewards.

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