Brand Awareness Game

Learn how business can raise brand awareness and gain new customers with a digital quest game on Questario. Goal Attract…

Learn how business can raise brand awareness and gain new customers with a digital quest game on Questario.


  • Attract new customers to the restaurant
  • Inform more about the company
  • Drive traffic to company’s homepage and social media channels
  • Increase the time clients spend with the brand
  • Collaborate with partners


  • A digital quest game that tells people about the restaurant in a fun and engaging way.
  • Players do puzzles whose theme revolves around the company’s stories.
  •  For each task of the quest players collect points.
  • The game ends at the restaurant, where players can get rewards – special deals for collected points.


The restaurant wanted to present their new offerings in an unusual way, which would allow local city families to turn the usual dinner place into a whole adventure, as well as attract new visitors and maybe provide an activity for tourists. The intention was to find a solution that would be able to both promote the company and invite people to visit the restaurant itself, getting acquainted with its newest offers in an engaging way.

Using easily accessible devices as a smartphone, the company wanted to use gamification elements that would combine a quest, story and prizes. It had to be publicly available to anyone interested within the restaurant’s opening hours and would operate in an automated manner.


The intent: launch an easy game (without a need to download any apps) to raise brand awareness, gain new customers, boost marketing campaigns and establish new partnerships in the area.

This approach has been applied to: use the advancements of mobile technologies and make the company more accessible and modern; create innovative gameplay for diverse purposes; offer the clients an adventure that requires involvement and leads to the desired places. The purpose was to offer free entertainment for participants with special rewards added, while increasing companies revenue and popularity.

STEPS FOR THE RESTAURANT. The company creates a personalized Questario account on which various challenges are designed with adding additional information about the restaurant through videos, articles and trivia questions. Restaurant also includes the nearby partnership companies that participants are guided to and can get loyalty points or use vouchers if they want to. The free game is launched, heavily promoted on the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Anyone who wants to play the game and get the special deals can participate at their convenience.

THE PLANNED STEPS FOR CUSTOMERS. Participants log into the game on any day, solve all the tasks related to the restaurant’s properties, partners, private labels, and can celebrate at the restaurant receiving different prizes for best results.


Increased Revenue

According to feedback implemented in the game, the quest attracted the interest of mostly locals, who used it to have a good time and revive the usual restaurant visit. This contributed to about an 8 percent increase in sales and to much more positive customer experience ratings.

+ 3000 Facebook Followers

During the game, one of the tasks was to follow the restaurant’s Facebook page in order to receive a voucher for the partner company. In addition, players shared their photo challenges of the game on their Facebook news feed for getting extra points. That led to a bigger social media community helping to reach 3000+ Facebook followers during the game period.

New Partnerships

The restaurant addressed a number of local services in the area, some of which wanted to take part in the game, making the game more exciting and popular, encouraging the flow of visitors to partners, helping in marketing activities and establishing new relationships between the businesses.

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