How It Works

Design unforgettable experiences on our versatile Questario platform.

Complete Tasks

Players complete the published tasks, collect points, and fight for prizes at a time convenient to them.


Administrate, overview and make changes during the game process.


Measure the fulfillment of your game, the engagement of participants, and receive feedback.

App Features

Players can use smartphones to apply for the game and take all advantages of the platform.


Automatic Confirmation

The platform automates the completion of the tasks.


Top and Photo Wall

The participants will see their place at the Top, the common photo wall, the total number of points collected as well as the number of remaining tasks.



Inform of the players of the tasks with notifications.



Motivate players to participate as much as they can with both digital and physical prizes which can be awarded for the best results, the most interesting photo and other conditions.

Admin Features

Quickly and simply design customized challenges, and publish games making them available to apply for.
Control your games from the admin account, do updates and monitor the progress.
Choose the most suitable way to complete the task:

Photo Challenges
Location Check-ins
Trivia Questions
Videos and Illustrations
QR Scanning

Customizable Platform

Highlight your brand by customizing the
platform design and adding visuals of your own.

  • Custom Branding
  • Modify Tasks
  • Integrate Multimedia

Platform Adaptability

Using the Questario platform, create your unique treasure hunt game with different goals.

Choose the best solution for your needs or combine different ones!

Photo Challenges

Let players go on adventure by taking and uploading photos with the required objects and sharing their insights on the virtual photo wall.

Team Building Game

Bring your team together with an interactive project outside the workspace. The team building game can focus on the cooperation skills and teamwork.

Quiz Game

Test the erudition of the participants by solving knowledge tasks or trivia questions, adding videos, pictures and articles.

Location Check-in Game

Create riddles that players must solve in order to find out the next point of the game to go to and check-in using GPS.

City Hunt Game

With activity tasks, the game can show interesting facts and reveal secrets about the city. Guide participants through the historical streets of the city and set a task to find its gems.

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“Together with my friends we tried out the offer, it was a totally different tourist experience! The virtual guide – for a fun and interesting day!”
An exciting way to discover the city’s most mysterious stories and historical facts. I was able to explore the city in a completely different way.”
“I decided to give it a try because I had never seen anything like it before – get to know the city through the game. I truly enjoyed this unique experience!